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Game Features :

  • Real-time physics engine with many interactive objects including beach balls, moving platforms, wind and ventilators, trampolines, bumpers, cannons and more
  • 4 environments (beach, forest, night, lava) with each 18 courses, making it a total of 72 completely different holes
  • The most realistic game on iPhone: using the latest OpenGL technology in 3GS to generate water reflection
  • Very fast: 20+ frames per second even on old generation iPods and iPhones
  • Customizable controls: easy mode with power slider, and expert mode with swipe-to-shoot for intuitive controls
  • 3 game modes: Classic for playing the courses for fun, Star Hunter where you need to collect all stars before the hole will be unlocked, and Crazy Challenge where you only have a limited number of strokes to complete the courses
  • Instant real-time online play: you will always find opponents in a second
  • Online mode with many bonuses like in popular Kart games - you can send the bonuses to your opponents to make their balls bigger, heavier, bouncing, add wind or convert them into a box