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Game Features:

  • 10 tracks plus 5 battle mode maps
  • 4 difficulty modes including mirror mode
  • Unique high quality soundtracks for each world
  • More than 100 sound effects including voice acting for the characters
  • 12 unique characters and karts with various animations for steering, accelerating, throwing bonuses etc.
  • 8 drivers are available at the start, unlock 4 additional characters by winning the grand prix
  • Unlock the super kart by winning the gold cup in mirror mode
  • Many particle effects for accelerating, steering, sliding, jumping
  • Various controls: use tilt with or without auto-steering or console-like controls with digital pad
  • Online multiplayer mode with instant-play: always find players, no waiting time, watch running rounds
  • Play the 10 tracks plus mirror mode online
  • Battle mode: Special online game mode where the goal is to shoot the opponents 3 times - includes arrows for showing where the opponents are, shows the power and status of the other players
  • Seamless synchronization with low bandwidth usage
  • Many bonus items: lava balls are automatically following the opponent, tomatos and slime balls can be dropped on the ground, turbos provide a speed up, use lava to protect and to stop opponents
  • Activate items by shaking the iPhone or iPod touch, or alternatively tap on the upper part of the screen
  • Jump by shaking for using shortcuts